i'm perla & i love joey

Anonymous: when i went to a party i got drunk and ended up having sex with the parent


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Anonymous: Do you have any slutty confessions?

i shower naked


Anonymous: My boyfriend and I were so horny that we fucked in the woods in the daytime because that's the only place we could

our youth ladies and gentlemen

Anonymous: I like to pee while watching someone masturbate. I pee more comfortable. Do you like to pee?

ew ewe weweweweeeewwwww 

btw guys omfg a pee fetish blog follows me like????????

Anonymous: I almost lost my virginity to a guy I didn't know with all my friends in the room

your parents wouldve been so proud

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Anonymous: During a party at my house we all were wrapped up in blankets and shit. Someone picked a movie on Netflix and when the lights went out I gave my boyfriend a blow job under the blanket, and had to hold his mouth shut so he wouldn't moan. No one ever found out or noticed. Had to of been at least ten people in that room.

ew how do you … i cant

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Anonymous: I had sex with this guy and he had a girlfriend and he told me that he's secretly gay wtf is this shit he's so hot unf


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Anonymous: how can boys finger and eat out their girl's pussy at the same time? im so bad at it

i mean you just 

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Anonymous: my boyfriend and i did oral while his parents were in the other room, best time ever, had to control my moaning! wanted to fuck him so hard


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